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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Robosexuality!!!!! and robot hottie of the week














Robot sex .. how close are we .. and would you do it.  WestWorld lets us know its right around the corner.


Futurama told us it was illegal


This guy dont like it and looks like my friend


The deal is that once we start having sex with robots .. life as we know it would come to an end..  why would i ever leave the house If i had this waiting at home for me .. no more working out . I could dress like a slob .. and just make enough money for the robot maintenance package ..

It all sounds grand .. buttt if movies are based on true stories .. which they are!!!!


everything starts off all nice and sweet ,,

Image result for westworld clementine gif

but soon the  robots always rise up and start kickin our asses..

Image result for westworld clementine gif

and Clementine is my favorite!!!


soooooooooo  maybe its better that this is the closet thing we have to sexbots now ..

Related image

she’s actually kind of hot


Image result for sexbot




we should keep tabs on the bald guy and just make sure .. she does not cut his balls off in his sleep

Image result for sexbot


oh yeah this week’s robot hottie of the week .. goes to Seven of Nine .. well she is more of a hybrid .. but whatever


Lets do this!!


Yes Momma!!

Image result for seven of nine gif




he is saying “I aignt gonna resist .. just be gentle!!!!”

Image result for seven of nine gif





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