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Monday, August 19, 2013

Smart is the New Sexy

Smart is the new sexy according to Ashton Kutcher…I mean Chris Kutcher. My choice for hottie of the week is Jolie O’Dell. For the nerds out there, I’m sure she’s one of your favorite tech reporters out there.

There’s a slight touch of the Mad Men character, Joan Holloway, in Jolie. Joan…Jolie…hmmm…maybe we can see a tag team match one of these days.

Besides her outstanding beauty, she’s my geek hottie of the week.jolie2


I don’t think anyone else can say they have a huge lady boner for startups!

2 Responses to “Smart is the New Sexy”
  1. Big Leroy says:

    Dude F you and your got damm startups.

    Startups and Startup culture are the plague of society.

    This shit sucks.. this chick sucks
    Start ups suck

    the people that work at startups no they suck
    its not even tech anymore its consumerism
    and creates a world of non socialized, Ed Hardy wearing foodie douchebags

    This is by far the worst HOTW
    I hope a Google bus tags you as you walk down Valencia street looking through google glasses, updating your twatter account on your iPhone, while sipping your 10 dollar cup of coffee

    Nerds suck!!!!! they did back in high school and they still do now..
    go fucking wank on your Steve Job’s autobiography

    Big Leroy says go eat a dildo!

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