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Whipped Cream Bikini Bra

There are right ways and wrong ways of doing a whipped cream bikini bra. On the picture above you’ll notice that the center picture is the best way of doing the bikini. The picture on the left is a mediocre attempt at making a similar bra while the picture on the right was totally off. It seemed like they didn’t use the whipped cream from a can and instead used whipped cream from the tub.

Okay, the center image has a little Hollywood magic going on. Thank you Varsity Blues.

I have to put a whipped cream bikini in the same category as sex on a beach. While this looks like fun and excitement there’s the crazy aftermath or middlemath of what to do next? Do you clean up? It’s an awkward event after all the fun is said and done. Why do I put this in the same category as sex on a beach? Ever have sand in your cooch? Not fun.

My recommendation is to have many towels available if you want to dive into the sticky world of food and sex and then be accepting of the awkward clean up stage. Just like you were told when you were young, “Put away your toys after you’re done playing with them.” I’ve heard that some people use that “clean up” time to talk openly about what they liked or didn’t. Again, that all depends on where you are in the relationship.

Enjoy! Be safe!

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  1. Big Leroy says:

    How about .. ride it like you stole it !!!

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