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Go Go – A Dying Art -

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Reasons Not to Hang Out in San Jose -

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Rainbow Lovin’

Here’s a new dildo for the proud. Size: 5-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ Material: Silicone The shape is just the same as an Amor Dildo – a relatively short shaft with a perfect G-spot curve, lightly textured silicone surface, and comfortably harnessable base – but this one is hand-poured in all the colors of the rainbow! This is a limited-edition from Babeland and is perfect for any kind of a playful romp, and ideal for upcoming LGBTQI Pride festivities. Use your Rainbow Amor with pride and pleasure!

Harlem Shake – Dildo

Even tough the Harlem Shake craze if over, here’s one for the archives.   ug they took down the dildo one .. so here is another one

Motzah Fever!! Got Dammit!! Motzo Fever

update uggg she’s a shiksa . An intern has since been fired   He’s got motzah fever.. she’s got motzah fever… and Que Stevie Wonder.. we’re in love That right folks we gots Motzo Fever over here. This week’s Motzoh Fever hottie of the week is super hot and funny Sara Benincasa This Jewish Princess has really been making it happen for us over here at LETTB and thats why she is a HOTW Can I get a whaaat whaaat update uggg she’s a shiksa . An intern has since been fired

Don Wands

Don Wands has been a leader in glass dildos for a while now. It ranks in the top 10 on Amazon’s best rated dildos. This dildo features: Glass Dong with mushroom tip Raised hearts on the shaft for added sensation! Maintains temperature. Place in warm or cold water to spice things up Don Wands is known for its quality and care, using only borosilicate – known on the consumer market as Pyrex – to formulate its toys, providing unmatched resilience and safety to even the most enthusiastic user. And because borosilicate conducts heat and cold with ease, users can safely…

Mom and Daughter

Eva Amurri will soon be part of our mother daughter combo hottie of the week anyone know who her mother is ??? how lucky is that dog. He has probably seen both of them naked whaat whaaaat